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Featured Technology

Reduct NV - Using Gyro-mapping technology to obtain highly accurate As-Built data.

Gyro mapping is rapidly becoming a widely accepted technology for obtaining accurate XYZ data of subsurface utility infrastructure. Whether through national regulation or the utility network owners’ diligent network management policies, gyro mapping is becoming a standard new-build specification, in particular for trenchless installation methods. In addition, Utility network owners see a great benefit in having an objective and accurate as-built profile during the hand-over process with infrastructure contractors.

Visit them at booth no. 5.

Yu-Chen Hydraulics - Pilot tube auger boring and microtunneling system

Yu-Chen Hydraulic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. They are specialize in Trenchless and Hydraulic system. They are into the manufacturing of pilot tube anger boring machine and microtunneling system. This system is very efficient under appropriate soil conditions. Their have solutions for pipe dia. ranging from OD 200mm – OD 800mm trenchless solution.

Visit them at booth no. 34.

HDD Tools and Parts Co-Interlink Maritech Service - Cutting edge Horizontal Directional Drilling Tools

HDD Tools and Parts Co-Interlink Maritech Service, are into manufacturing and supply of wide range of high quality Horizontal Directional Drilling machine tools and parts like rock reamers, triocne bit, mud motor, high pressure hose pipe, drill rod etc.

Visit them at booth no. 51A.

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