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Fixing a Pipe

About Indian Society for Trenchless Technology

Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (IndSTT) is the autonomous apex organisation to promote the application of Trenchless Technology in India. It was established in 1995 and registered under SR Act of 1860 with registration number 32943 of 1998. Founders of this Society include various luminaries from the Construction Sector. 

Mission & Vision

Possession of proper crew skills to execute a specific trenchless technique is an essential need for the project success. Such skills are acquired through education, training, and practice. In their absence the projects could fail. Testing of skill levels of trenchless operators/ technicians, therefore, is essential to ascertain their competencies.

IndSTT has launched a massive Training & Certification Program. Through this program, working operators serving the trenchless industry, and desirous persons interested to enter the industry as operators/ technicians/ surveyors are being tested and certified under the directions of the IndSTT Board of Vocational Skill Certification (IBOVSC).

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