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IndSTT Trenchless Excellence Awards 2023
Calls for Nominations 

IndSTT Trenchless Excellence Awards 2023

INDSTT Trenchless Excellence Awards (ITEA) are meant to motivate individuals’ and organizations’ contribution in subsurface construction domain and to promote replicable best practices in the Indian trenchless industry. INDSTT has initiated these awards which recognize and honor the valuable contributions and work of Indian Trenchless Fraternity that has significantly enriched the subsurface construction domain and has helped bring about a change in our construction practices.

In continuation of our tradition to honor the super achievers of the trenchless industry fraternity, we has instituted the INDSTT Trenchless Excellence Awards which reflect the true spirit of creation and recognition of excellence in the way we practice our profession.

Awardees were announced and applauded on the inaugural day of the No Dig India Show 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on 08th December 2023. 

Last date for nomination submission is 30th September 2023.

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ITEA 2023 Award Categories

INDSTT recognizes the role of a national award for motivation and improved performance of operators, engineers & institutions and has conceived the IndSTT Trenchless Excellence Awards (ITEA) as an award of Excellence in the following categories:


  • Achievement Award for Best Project (5 nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Health, Safety and Environment (5 Nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Best Trenchless Professional of the year (3 Nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Best Public / Private Officer of the year (3 Nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Industry Doyen (1 Nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Academician/Technology/Scientist (6 Nos.)

  • Achievement Award for Best Professionally Managed Company (4 Nos.)


For further details & queries please contact Mr. Satender Singh Negi at or +91 9013125123.

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